Monday, July 27, 2015

Crayons on rainbow

This post is for my three year old daughter Yerin.
She likes crafting and watching videos from card making ladies with me. Recently we saw a video from talented Nichol Magouirk (click to see the original card). It is a very cute card made with the lawn fawn stamp set "you color my world" in which rainbow colored crayons with cute faces are placed on a cloud.
After Yerin saw the Video, she wanted to watch it every day about for a week and started making cards like the one in the video.
Doodling, coloring, fussy cutting and gluing day and night :)

The first masterpiece is here.....Cloud and a small bird are not forgotten !

Today she made another version of that.
But she let me draw the outline of the crayons and the faces instead of making it totally by herself. Of course I should follow her directions with regard to the facial expressions: the red crayon with winking eye, the yellow one with glasses, the green one sticking tongue out and the purple one has his eyes closed (she remembered the faces on the Nichol  Magouirk's card exactly.)  She even tries to make a shade on the crayons with a darker color :) ......

This time she glued the crayons on a rainbow and wrote her name.

It looks like a rainbow slide, on which the crayons have a great ride now, isn't it?

I added some sparkle with iridescent Sparkle embossing powder all over the card. 
So we can enter this card on this week's wednesday challenge of SimonSaysStamp : sparkle and shine !!!

Thanks !
Hoping you have a wonderful week !
TaeEun & Yerin


tiffani pool said...

Beautiful! She is absolutely precious!!!! I have four girls and they just know are interested in card making so I am truly impressed!

taeeun yoo said...

Thank you. She really loves crafting :) Thanks for visiting !

Virginia Lu said...

Absolutely darling! Your daughter Yurin is a cute and a budding young artist!! How fun that she wants to try card-making after seeing Nichol's video! Thanks so much for playing Simon Says Stamp Wednesday “Sparkle and Shine” Challenge!

taeeun yoo said...

Thank you :D